Goose Removal Services

As mentioned on the first page when it comes to GOOSE REMOVAL SERVICES — In order for us to lay our hands on a Canadian Goose we have to have a permit from the USDA or Georgia DNR.

Once you obtain a FREE permit, we can come out and safely catch and relocate the Geese.  As a part of goose removal, we corral them into cages or hand catch the geese during the time of the year that they are flightless.

Oftentimes removal is not the best option, keep in mind Geese fly.  So relocating to the next watershed we suspect is often a waste of our time & your money.

We can also implement or make recommendations to deter future nesting.  Our fees take into consideration the complexity of the situation,  landscape, method used, staff required and the time.

To obtain a FREE PERMIT for Nuisance Geese removal you have to call Georgia DNR Wildlife Resources Dept below – (Note: If URGENT ask them to fax the permit to you)

(770) 918-6404 or (706) 295-6041

IF there is a NEST & EGGS you need to go to this link and fill out the form as a NEW USER then call the phone numbers above.

Any questions give us a call!