Goose Hazing – Harassing Nuisance Geese

GOOSE Hazing Services

Goose hazing or harassing services is a method of controlling problem geese which involves frightening the geese repeatedly so the will not take up residence on your property.  It is our opinion that this is oftentimes more effective than Goose Removal.

We have an arsenal of tactics that we implement to scare the Geese off to make your yard to scare the Geese away.  All hazing devices either involving a visual or an auditory deterrent.  The point is to have sounds that geese identify as a threat and when we couple it with a visual sign of trouble… the take off!

More often than not, we implement multiple measures at one time and then make routine visits to change our methods so the geese do not become habituated to the measures and learn to ignore it.

The Licensed Wildlife Technician will come out for the first hazing visit and decide what is the best methods to use, the best times of the day or night as well as the frequency.  After the first affordable hazing trip charge you will have a written proposal of the program we recommend suited to your needs and budget.

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