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Goose Removal

Obviously, you have an issue with Canada Geese (GOOSE REMOVAL) or you would not be on our website.

The GEESE must be either extremely aggressive or leaving such a mess that they have overstayed their welcome… We get it & we can help!

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Goose Harassment & Goose Hazing Program

Regardless is you are able to get a permit for Goose Removal or not, we can implement a Goose Hazing program to the point that the Geese feel so uncomfortable that they move on to somewhere else.

Often times the DNR allows for a limited # of the Nuisance Geese to be removed (Example 10 out of 40).  This is when hazing & harassing is the BEST option.

We implement many HUMANE measures to harass the Geese not just one.  The licensed Wildlife Technician will determine, based upon the specifics of your circumstances, which measures will be most effective considering the time of day, number of visits, and much more.



OPTION #2: GOOSE Removal

PERMITTED Canada Goose Removal & Goose Control Program

In order for us to lay our hands on a Canada Geese we have to have a permit from the USDA or Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

Once you obtain a FREE permi, you can hire us to come out and safely catch and remove the Geese.  We can corral them into cages, or hand catch the geese under the right circumstances. We can also implement or make recommendations to deter future nesting.

Our fees take into consideration all of the factors in the job from method used to time.

To obtain a FREE PERMIT for Nuisance Geese removal you have to call Georgia DNR Wildlife Resources Dept below – (Note: If URGENT ask them to fax the permit to you)

(770) 918-6404 or (706) 295-6041

 goose removal

IF there is a NEST & EGGS you need to go to this link and fill out the form as a NEW USER then call the phone numbers above.

Any questions give us a call!